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  1. Soleil et Lune enfin sorti !!

    Bonjour / Bonsoir le 23 novembre pokemon soleil et lune sont sorti c'est vraiment géniale je l'ai terminé avant hier et vous ou en êtes vous sur ce nouveau jeu pokémon ce qui est bizzard c'est que tu est devant le trone du maitre et y en a pas car apprer tu t'assoi dessus puis euphorbe arrive géniale non ? merci d'avoir regarder
  2. Hey Mario fans! Just wondering, does anyone think Bowser's Inside Story was too short? First let me say, I LOOOVEEEE this game! Bowser's Inside Story is my favorite Mario RPG and will probably stay that way, as I reflect on my gameplay from when I was 6 years old playing this on my Nintendo DSi. In fact, I probably played this game like 7 times haha. I was recently playing the game again, and it got me thinking. Is the game too short? Like there is a summary of events. "You eat Fawful's magic mushroom (PAUSE), you suck up all of the citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom (PAUSE), you wake up in Cavi Cape Cave, go to Plack Beach, go to Dimble Wood, go to Bumbsy Plains, go to Bowser's (now Fawful's) Castle, then you find Peach in Flab Zone. Then, she gets taken. And you discover a route to the outside world inside Bowser's body in which the Mario Bros can take. You are out of the body!" However, the second half of events go like this though. "You have to find 3 star cures, go through some journeys, and once you find them, you just enter Peach's Castle and take on Midbus, the Dark Star, Fawful, and Dark Bowser."reverse phone lookupnba redditpcpartpicker I love this game and will still continue to praise it. However, does anyone feel like after the first part where Peach gets kidnapped by Fawful, that the game became short? Like rn, I have been playing the game again for an hour and I am already in Dimble Wood. I think soon enough, in another hour, I am gonna be in the Underground Tunnel. So, what do you guys and gals think?