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  1. Hey everyone so my PS4 is pretty new I got it last year during Christmas (the spider-man bundle) but when I played it I noticed that there are these black squares on the textures and in the lighting and in the back of cutscenes sometimes now I thought that it was just my TV might be older and can’t handle it but I also have a Xbox and switch and the games work fine on my TV then I thought “well I’ll just try it on the flatscreen in my house” but it’s the same thing and on the flatscreen the Xbox and switch games work fine. So I thought that maybe my TV just couldn’t handle the new graphics for spider man, but it’s the same on the last of us so I really have no clue what’s going on I’ve looked on my tv settings and in the PS4 main menu no squares come up, I really want to resolve the issue before I play the last of us 2. If it’s happened to you could you say what fixed it or what’s wrong, or what I should do it’s just super weird. Thanks! happymod