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Far Cry Primal : La Maj 1.03 disponible sur PS4 et Xbox One


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Une nouvelle mise à jour la 1.03 est sortie aujourd'hui pour Far Cry : Primal sur PS4 et Xbox One, pas encore de date prévue pour le PC pour le moment.

On peut voir arrivé tout nouveau mode le mode Survie (je ne c'est pas encore en quoi il consiste car je n'est pas plus d'information).

A part ce nouveau mode qui arrive le reste c'est des bugs corrigés, pour le mode Survie des que j'en c'est plus je mettrais à jour ce topic.

Voici ce qu'elle apporte :


Survivor Mode

  • Available in New Gameplay Options when starting a New Game
  • New – Stamina Bar added
  • Stamina depletes slowly during gameplay
  • Stamina depletes faster when walking/running/being in combat
  • Fast travel consumes stamina
  • Stamina can be regenerated by sleeping and eating food recipes
  • Manual heal and fast travel costs stamina
  • Low stamina slows down movement and health regen. At 0 stamina, manual heal and fast travel are disabled.
  • Tamed Beasts
  • New Permadeath for Tamed Beasts
  • If a Beast dies, the player must find and tame a new one
  • This also applies to Legendary Beasts, they can never be found again if they die
  • Skinning a Beast after they die gives you a skin
  • New – Beast riding fatigue introduced – After some time of continuous riding, mounted Beast will start taking damage
  • In order to activate the taming option for Sabretooth Tigers, Brown Bears and Cave Bears, you must first inflict them serious damage
  • Non-legendary tamed Beasts health has been reduced
  • Owl attacks and bomb drops have been disabled
  • World/Resources
  • Less natural resources are available in the world and less are looted when gathering
  • Less daily resources added to the Reward Stash from Wenja population level
  • Resources in the Reward Stash can only be withdrawn at the Village Stash
  • Requirements for rare animal skins have been reduced when upgrading huts
  • Night lasts longer and is darker
  • Campfire Fast Travel points are no longer unlocked by default when claiming a bonfire
  • Skills
  • XP Curve has been adjusted to be more progressive
  • Certain “over-powered” skills have been removed
  • Effects of other skills have been re-balanced
  • Skill points cost has been rebalanced
  • Gameplay
  • Bow tension added requiring players to pull back the arrow all the way to get maximum impact
  • Weapon durability has been tweaked to be more realistic when thrown weapons hit hard or soft surfaces
  • Weapons are consumed more quickly by fire
  • Less slow-motion effect from the Weapon Wheel, Food Grid and Beast Grid
  • Crafting ammo in the Weapon Wheel now requires a hold to craft
  • Most bag capacity has been reduced
  • Player’s health regen speed has been reduced
  • Some healing recipes now require red leaves in addition to green leaves
  • Cold depletion rate has been increased
  • Fully upgraded Winter Clothes no longer offer total protection from the cold
  • Weapons on fire will extinguish when swapping between weapons (Expert difficulty only)
  • Fast Travel now costs Stamina and Meat, proportionally to distance
  • Mini-map has been removed
  • Shaders on tagged enemies have been removed
  • Several UI options have been set to off by default to increase immersion, (but can be re-enabled)
  • Hunter Vision duration has been set to 20s be default (duration can now be modified in the settings)
  • Fog of war reveal radius has been reduced
  • Can only Save & Quit when not in Combat
  • Game difficulty cannot be changed once started in Survivor Mode with Permadeath
  • AI/Wildlife
  • Enemies are more reactive and aggressive in combat
  • Wildlife detects you more easily
  • Blood trails from wounded animals are harder to track
  • Reduced overall animal density during the day, and increased density of predators at night
  • Reduced human density and frequency of Wenja events
  • Wenja fighters are less resilient
  • Predators no longer show up in Hunter Vision unless they are aggressive toward the player, dead or a Tamed
  • Beast
  • Reduced health for Legendary Beasts, Batari and Ull


  • Available in New Gameplay Options when starting a New Game with Survivor Mode turned On
  • Three Options Available – Off, On, Second Chance
  • Off – You respawn when you die
  • On – The game is over when you die
  • Second Chance – You only respawn if you completed enough of the game since your last death, (every 3% as depicted in the player’s overall progress)
  • Failing during Tensay’s Vision missions does not count as dying. (You’re dreaming after all)

Stability and Performance

  • Fixed an issue where player could lose their inventory when swapping weapons in specific conditions
  • Fixed some specific, low occurrence crashes


  • New Option in Gameplay Menu – Hunter Vision Duration – Can toggle the duration of Hunter Vision (Default/20s/30s/Infinite)
  • New Option in the Interface Menu – Hide the bow reticle unless you are aiming or holding the bow ready
  • Fixed melee damage resistance skill also affecting ranged damage
  • Increased critical health in hard/expert difficulty modes

Lighting and FX

  • Fixed a lighting issue on bodies of water that would cause color to briefly change when exiting caves
  • Minor fixes to clipping issues


Florian, Rédacteur pour Jeu.video

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Il y a 2 heures, Gameuse Skitty a dit :

Pas mal de nouveautés, mais dommage que ce soit en anglais :P 

Oui j'attend que la traduction soit sortie car moi et l'anglais sa fait 2 :P 

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