Pokemon GO forbidden in a french town !

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Hey everybody !

Who hasn't heard about Pokemon GO during the last weeks... It's the new trend, and everybody speak about it. As every trends, there are some people who likes it and people against it. And in the little french town called Bressolles (800 residents), the game failed to win unanimous support.

So, what happened ? Well, the mayor simply prohibited the game. Yes, you read well : he prohibited Pokemon GO in his town !
Here is the published decree.



Well, I suppose that if you're here instead of on the french topic (that you can find at the end of this one), it's because you don't understand French, so I'm gonna translate a little.

Why did he forbade Pokemon GO ?
For him, the game is dangerous for drivers and pedestrians because it can brings some accident. It also favors grouping of people during the evening and the night. The "Pokemon GO trend" is also anarchic, contagious and dangerous for the younger residents.

What is going to happen ?
It's forbidden to put some Pokemons on the whole municipality. Niantic and The Pokemon Company have to execute the decree. 
Also, the third article says that this decree can be used for a plea for excess of power during 2 months after the publishing.


So now, we can ask ourselves is Niantic is gonna agree the decree or nor... Only the future will tell us !

What do you think about it ?


French version here :




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