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Help With SNES Controller Rubbers / Replacements

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So I've got a couple of real SNES controllers, and both are going pretty rapidly. To give an idea why, I run a lot of games and these controllers are fairly 'loved' if you will. To the point where it's now starting to effect my gameplay. So I'm left with two options:

  1. Find some replacement rubber pads that will make them feel new

  2. Dish out the money for a new/unopened SFC or SNES controller.

I really don't want to do #2 as I have other things I'd rather do with my money, but it's getting frustrating. I've read throughout reddit/google/etc about various rubber replacements and am at a total loss as to 'what is good to buy'. Some say Console5 makes the best ones while other say they are garbage, others say get generic ebay brands or worse, Hyperkin, etc. It's confusing and generally been uninformative.

I'm wondering what everyone's experiences are who have done pad replacements on their SNES controllers and who they recommend to buy from. Why you like them and a description of how they feel would be super helpful.

Alternatively, if you know someplace where I can import SFC controllers (Yahoo Auctions has a lot more affordable options for new controllers, but I don't live in Japan) that suggestion would also be welcomed.tweakbox appvalley

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