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I was kinda unfair with Super Mario Brothers 3 in another post that I made here

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I complained about the controls being slippery and imprecise. But, considering that I was playing it only in a DVD player that emulates NES games, it may very well be fault of the emulation. Perhaps input lag, perhaps slow character response, perhaps a slowdown. After all, people say that the controls are very tight and precise. I need to play the game with another emulator because it looks a fantastic game. The creativity in the levels themselves, the overworld, the mini-games, the suits, power-ups, cards and itens, the secrets, it really is incredible how rich and creative the game is and the countless paths to finish the levels and the game make it endlessly playable. I looked at FAQs about the game and they are huge, it is mind-blowing that a game made in 1989 is this complex and creative!


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