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  1. Postez vos dessins ^^

  2. Le clan Munster recrute

    Hi there guys! First of all, I appologise if this question was already made but I couldn't find it anywhere, here or in the internet. So Im lvl 46 and I created a Clan. This clan is for my friends who have started to play the game now and are above level 10, they've already done Pagos Coast etc etc. However, they cannot enter my Clan I dont know why. They say a message appears saying that they cant enter because the clan is not accepting apprentices? Im the only person in my clan and I would like for my friends to enter, is there anything Im missing here?
  3. Postez vos dessins ^^

    Eh oui tu as bi1 de la chance frérot ???. Mais bon par chance il y a toujours des dessins que je réussis ??
  4. Arduino, acquisition de données : Késako ?

    Bien que ce domaine ne me plait pas, le sujet est très bien expliqué !