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  1. Gona start Collecting again!!!

    Are there any places ONLINE you guys could reccomend getting retro stuff? I live in Iceland and need to find the most reliable places. I want to get a Nintendo 64 and some games. I used to have a few consoles I bought a big collection off of one guy but had to sell it later on. So I want to get back in the game and go for quality over quantity.
  2. King's Quest II is a dazzling sequel to Roberta William's masterpiece, the aptly named King's Quest I. Actually it was a bit of a dud. Having claimed the throne you promptly go running off adventuring to nab a bride. In the original version they dump you on the island and call it a day, AGD added a lengthy, if misogynistic, intro. You've taken over the throne from the elderly King Edward just as he passed away by rescuing the lost treasures of rule- the magic mirror, magic shield and magic chest. However, despite your heroism, the pressures of ruling are more trying (and dull) than you thought! You go off in search of a different sort of magic chest (as suggested by your totally trustworthy vizier) - one with a faithful heart beating only for you! That's right, you need to go rescue a wife! If you're into Infamy, retro games, indie games, or if you played the original and love melting into huge puddles of nostalgia, you'll probably love the sequel. They're free to download from AGD, they caught the code while it was defunct and prior to the change in laws that allowed for the original company to reboot and remaster, so it's totally legal, and Sierra is very much aware of the remasters, they've been up there for years. Hopefully they bring you- or another lover of the questing cap- bundles of joy.