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  1. Herc's adventures

    my issue has been solved Thankyou
  2. Open world games you like and play?

    So I haven't been playing games for like three months due to crappy Internet, but I'd like to know what open world games you enjoy. I just downloaded ark and the expansion pack, it crashed before I could even join a game, wtf lol. I used to play rust, I enjoyed that game. Thanks for your time.
  3. finally beat Castlevania 3

    Holy hot damn was this game hard. I've been playing it on again off again for 20 years until now when i had a big retro gaming kick and decided to play it again. The last level was insanely punishing, so much stupid bats and skeletons throwing bones to dodge on top of having to fight Dracula's THREE forms! After four days of frustration I finally did it, and boy does it feel rewarding.