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  1. Hello I’ll get right to the point, I played dota 2 for many years and I’m very tired of it, the game community of this game is the worst place to communicate. I heard that in the League of Legends developers carefully monitor the adequacy and courtesy of the community of players and even in the game there is no voice chat (which is important to me))))! So, what’s the question, if I don’t want to spend millions of years pumping levels (in the league, I don’t let rank games until you reach level 30 lol), how much will I lose and will it be difficult for me to get comfortable with my experience in a similar game if I buy a lol account (smurf) of level 30, for example, here smurfmania.com and immediately go to play ranked games? (I do not advertise, if there is a better store, advise if it is not difficult for you). Thank you all for your help.
  2. Humble Bundle

    a very interesting idea, in addition to interesting offers for the buyer, this is also a good tool for supporting indie developers, and also, as far as I know, a certain percentage goes to charity, so this suits absolutely everyone)