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  1. Découverte d'un petit bug mdr (agario)

    hey kh on agario can me and you team up my name is glitch
  2. Experimental

    Experimental would be so fun its where there is a new kind of virus that is red and purple when someone go in it they die and it shoots out there mass in all directions more people would play on this site. And would be more fun it would be a blast here is a picture for the virus what it looks like.
  3. Bonuses

    until they run out and everybody uses them fast and it would be more intense to get first
  4. Bonuses

    every hour and 30 minutes you should make were you get 6 of each bonus every round it would be a whole lot more fun.
  5. Experimental

    Experimental would be so fun on agario maybe more people would join the site to play it.
  6. agario clan battle

    you should make it so only people with a clan can play that mode