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I use Unity 3D for my game, so all my answers (links) is for Unity 3D. Unity 3D is one of best software because is free and you can found a lot of tuto, this is an easy software and you can make a lot of games !

How did you get into developing?

I have to begin to developing by passion (you need that) then I turned in studies of game design, animation, level design, modeling etc ....

What got you started developing ?

I don't understand correctly the question but i try to reply ^^

I have start developing with an FPS Game (not really the best idea), before all you need to see videos, docs, forums etc ... and after that you can start a little project.

After several little projects, you can start a really big projects (STR, FPS, TPS etc ..)

How did you first learn? 

I have start my first learn with youtube, you can found a lot of tuto on youtube (for Unity 3D and more), if you want to start with Unity 3D you can check this channel :



Unity TUTO


Hope this help you.

If you need more link or info ask here :)

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How did you get into developing?
At school :) I'm sudying computer sciences, I started this year. I didn't know what to do after High School so I went there and...this is really cool ! I love it ^^ 
So, for me, school is the answer to all of your questions x)

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Personally, I started with a friend who brought me into coding and stuff by showing me how to make some cheats for FPS game such as CS:S using C++ mostly (definitely not the best thing to do since third party softwares like VAC (implanted in source engine based games) provide a protection against cheats, so you can get banned for this). Then I started to get interested in oriented object programming (java, c++), read tutorials on famous french website ("siteduzero" aka Openclassroom) and practice.

You should probably focus on a specific language you wanna learn, try to understand the logic behind, algorithm and stuff and later, you'll be able to switch between languages pretty easily.

I'm also studying computer sciences in IT school, so it helps too :D

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